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easy Hospitalisation Cages Combination

– Animal cages screwed rigidly onto each other on a pedestal
– 2 animal cages type 1 (60 x 60 x 70 cm)
– 1 animal cage type 4 (120 x 80 x70 cm)
– Free-standing combination
– With levelling feet for stable stand
– Colour RAL 7047 telegrey 4
– Available only in this version (combination and colour)
– Other combinations are available in the classic product range
(see below)

Art.-No. 1060


classic Hospitalisation Cages

System and use
– Suitable for a lot of small animals  – ideal for dogs and cats
– Very individual in combination, use and design:
– 5 different cages sizes is the basis for a big number of different possilble cage-combinations
– Size of cages, their combination, colour and accessories are selectable
– Cages are placed individually on frames made of stainless steel
– The cages can be removed individually e.g. for cleaning
– Available with different doors (lattice or plastic doors, various options)
– With levelling feet or with (braking) steering rollers
– The colour can be chosen freely within the RAL colour table!

– Cages made of high quality fibre-glass plastic
– Sound-absorbing high-tech material, robust and practical
– No dropping of body temperature (compared to cold material like stainless steel)
– Sealed and rounded surface for best hygiene
– Hand-mounted and reviewed in Switzerland
– For more than 30 years successfully in service

Options and Accessories for classic Hospitalisation Cages

– Partition for cages type 4 and 5, Art. No. 1114 / 1115
– Sand tray (removable), Art. No. 1103 / 1104
– Urine channel (integrated in box), Art. No. 1118 – 1122
– Castor wheels, set of 4 pcs, 2 with brakes, Art. No. 1113
– Feeding dish, stainless steel, Ø 12/16/20 cm, Art. No. 1107 / 1108 / 1109
– Base ring for feeding dish, Ø12/16/20 cm, Art. No. 1554 / 1105 / 1106
– Heating element with control box, Art. No. 1132
– Infusion holder for lattice/plastic doors, Art. No. 1110 / 1457
– Heating lamp with holder, Art. No. 1597
– Extra lamp for heating lamp, infrared 100 W, Art. No. 1117
– Infrared lamp incl. support for reptile box, Art. No. 1553
– Opening on top for infrared lamp, Art. No. 1627
– Data holder (A4/A5), Art. No. 1606 / 1111
– Data and medicine holder (A4/A5), Art. No. 1607 / 1112
– Cat bench, plastic (for all box sizes), Art. No. 1099 – 1102

select Isolation Cages

– Independently ventilated units with filtered air inlet to prevent cross-contamination in the animal room
– With filtered air inlet (pre-filter) in the doors and air outlet (HEPA filter) on the rear wall
– Equipped with a door made of polycarbonate
– The cages type 1, 2 and 3 are suitable as isolation cages for birds as well as cats and dogs
(with perches for birds upon request)

Isolation cage size type 1: Art.-No. 1071
Isolation cage size type 2: Art.-No. 1072
Isolation cage size type 3: Art.-No. 1073

select Bird Cages

– Convenient and robust Bird Cages
– With 2 perches made of hardwood
– Cages have doors with practical flap openings
– These allow convenient removal of the sand tray (option) for cleaning, without having to open the lattice door

Bird cage size type 1: Art.-No. 1068
Bird cage size type 2: Art.-No. 1069
Bird cage size type 3: Art.-No. 1070

select Reptile Cage

– Available with either lattice door or transparent plastic door
– Cages have doors with practical flap openings
– These allow convenient removal of the sand tray (option) for cleaning, without having to open the lattice door
– Trellised opening on top for heating lamp (optional incl. support for heating lamp)

Reptile cage size type 1: Art.-No. 1074
(sizes type 2 and 3 available on request)

select Oxygen Cage

– Consisting of hospitalisation cage type 1
– With transparent polycarbonate door
– Connection for oxygen and temperature display integrated in the door
– Optionally available: rectus-coupling, O2-pressure hose

Oxygen cage type 1: Art.-No. 1834